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O.F.L. Foundation Charitable Trust


Okells FrancisLaw has been fortunate enough to draw its success from the communities of Herefordshire and West Gloucestershire for many years.  We recognise the importance of strong communities and the many people who make them what they are by volunteering and providing (often unseen) service to community groups and charities.

O. F. L. Foundation Charitable Trust has been established by the firm as a means by which we can make a small contribution to these activities.

The firm does not retain fees for our work as Commissioners for Oaths for certifying documents, assisting with Passport and other similar applications. We ask that you donate (preferably Gift Aid) what would have been our fee to the O. F. L. Foundation for the support of our community charities and associations.

Our supported charities for 2017 and 2018 are:


Ross Action Committee & Hope Support Services

Ross Action Committee & Hope Support Services Logo

West Gloucestershire

Great Oaks Hospice

Great Oaks Hospice Logo