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The need for up-to-date advice on agricultural matters has never been greater than today. We are experienced in working for clients with small-holdings, large farms with land in many different locations, tenanted farms and country estates.

We have close personal links with the farming community and agri-business, so you can be assured we have a good understanding of agricultural issues and the problems that might arise. We are members of the N. F. U. and C. L. A. and regularly attend agricultural outlook seminars to keep abreast of current issues, particularly C. A. P. Reform.

Of particular concern to farmers and landowners are tax efficient ways of passing on property to the next generation. We have a highly regarded private client department who can put in place the necessary wills and trusts to deal with inheritance tax and capital gains tax issues so that you assure yourselves of your succession plan. We can advise on structures appropriate to individual businesses, whether partnerships or companies.

When making any decisions regarding a farming business particularly farm diversification, it is important to consider the implications on the business as a whole, such as the effect on support payments, tenancies or the overall tax position. We want to help you so call us for a no obligation discussion. There is no charge if there is no job for us.

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Andrew Morris - Lydney Office
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